The Review.

A.Tell us about your mortgage, secured loan and motor finance history

 Complete a Client Review Form with our representative or via the call centre. This is a simple process to help us understand the basic information about your mortgage, secured loan and motor finance contracts from 1990 to present.
No financial commitment is required at this point.

We assess each products chance of success

 Each product you have submitted for review will be summarised by one of the following three underwriting outcomes:-

Yes - The review has identified a good chance of success for this particular product, on the basis that it would potentially result in a claim of £5000 or more (based on the information given). No - No - We do not believe that making a claim would result in a claim of £5000 or more. Possible - Documents are required from the lender before the case can be reasonably assessed. The chances of success cannot be reasonably assessed without the client documents.

C. Instruction.

You tell us how many claims to pursue

 There is no limit to the number of potential claims you can instruct us to proceed with. For each claim to be pursued you will be required to:

Read - Read and understand our terms and conditions Sign - Sign our Client Agreement Cheque - A £10 cheque payable to each lender for the release of documents will be required Cost - At this stage Credit Angel Review charges £550 for each product you wish to pursue Our Promise - Subject to Terms and Conditions, in the event of a claim being unsuccessful we will refund the £550 fee in full, regardless of the work we have completed (*There is no refund following a successful claim).

D. Investigation.
We request the relevant documents and paperwork from the lenders

Our in-house team will contact the lender requesting release of all the relevant documentation under the terms of the Data Protection Act. Once released and in our possession, a full and comprehensive assessment of the Client documentation can be made.
At this point the Client documentation will either pass to the nominated panel solicitor and auditors or you will receive a refund of the £500.


We arrange for a panel auditor and solicitor to act on your behalf


We will arrange for a panel solicitor and auditor to prepare your case. You will not pay any fees to either solicitors or auditors as the costs incurred by the panel solicitors and auditors are claimed back from the lender on successful conclusion of the claim.In the event of an unsuccessful claim you will have no costs to pay and you will receive a full refund of the £550 fee, subject to our Terms and Conditions.

D. Success.
On conclusion of your successful claim you receive payment

Under normal circumstances you can expect your payment to be made up of both your actual financial losses, plus compensation for these losses. In most cases we would expect a payment to be made within 6 to 9 months of the claim being accepted by the solicitor. The solicitor and auditor fees will be claimed from the lender you are claiming against.No further payment is required