Eventually after denial after denial and constant harassment from debt collecters Debitas and HL Legal and having to push all the way to applying for court action.

I have finally been given a refund, plus court costs plus interest as an out of court settlement totalling £1500. They pushed it to the edge and put in a defence saying some of my figures were incorrect before finally writing to me sayin they have checked the figures and a new balance is due as a refund on a no admission nor any liability


MBNA took over the running of my Redwings Horse Sanctuary Affinity card from Bank of Scotland and, although I had incurred no charges with MBNA, I had with Bank of Scotland and so decided to claim them back. The process started last winter when (following the guidelines supplied on the website), I applied for my 6 years worth of statements. Having had several useless replies from MBNA, I phoned them a few times and found the service not particularly good. Eventually, after several months, I received my statements and put in a claim for £290 in Late Payment fees (£25 per late payment). Having had no reply, I phoned them and warned them of impending court action should they fail to comply with my request, shortly afterwards, I received notification of a 'goodwill' payment of £120 and an explanation that they did not agree with the OFT guidelines. I refused to accept this payment and wrote again asking for the balance of £170. Lo and behold, I received another letter also saying that they didn't agree with the OFT guidelines but that they were prepared to make another goodwill payment of £170. I have since written back announcing my intentions of closing the account. Thanks for all your help!  

Bank of Scotland / AMEX.

Sent Bank of Scotland letter asking for £100 refund - they said no. Sent them letter before Court Action and they replied by return agreeing to full refund.
Sent letter asking AMEX for £165 refund giving them 14 days to comply, after which I would write again to give them a further 14 days to reconsider if they didn't. They tried delaying tactics by writing back to assure me they would respond within 28 days. After 14 days I wrote again to say that they now had only a further 14 days before I started court action. They replied to this by return, refusing any refund. I sent a final letter saying that I would proceed with court action when their time was up without further notice. They then sent their third letter saying that my complaint had been 'escalated' and that they would contact me 'as soon as possible'. I allowed them a further 14 days and then started proceedings through Moneyclaim online for the full amount plus interest and costs. As soon as my claim was issued they settled in full - a cheque for £224.28, so 2 out of 3 for me so far! I've got a court action against Cap One for £800+ to which they have acknowleged their intention to defend - they originally offered to refund me at £8 per claim (the difference between the £20 charges they had made and the £12 they now charge), which I declined. They insist this is their final response and they will not be increasing it(!). I'll keep you posted. As I have used both your site and Moneysavingexpert, I will be making a contribution to both. Many many thanks for all your excellent advice and guidance!


After a successfully tackling Natwest, I proceeded a claim against HFC (otherwise known as Household Bank - Part of HSBC)
Following the same procedure, they made both a 50% offer and and a full offer within 14 days of my initial letter.
Thanks Credit Angel and thanks for the book it will guide me not to fall into the same credit card trap!